Esther Ofarim - Comme un bateau qui s'en vas - Te prouver mon amour - Mon vieux quartier - Car cette chanson la

1. Comme un bateau qui s'en va lyrics
2. Te prouver mon amour
3. Mon vieux quartier
4. Car cette chanson

Article from the former French film magazine CinÚ Monde,  ca. 1963:

English translation:
"Esther Ofarim, who was the revelation of the last Eurovision song contest, has just recorded a second disc in French which confirms all her qualities as a singer and interpreter. May her lovely face soon return to our television screens. "Comme", "Te prouver mon amour", "Mon vieux quartier", "Car cette chanson" (S. 45 t. Philiips 423 482, 9,9 F, with P. Thomas."