Abi Ofarim
(† May 4, 2018)

Abi Ofarim

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After his time with Esther, Abi tried to have some success again.
 But he got into drugs and alcohol.


Little Discography

In 1971-1973  Abi met Tom Winter (british singer) and made some records.
One of them was the song "speak to me".

Abi Ofarim
A: Shake, Shake (Wenn ich Dich nicht hätte) - see video
B: Midnight-Party im Prairie-Saloon

 Abi Ofarim & Tom Winter
A: Take me up to heaven
B: Do you believe in magic?

They also recorded: O Come you, Take me up to heaven, Do you believe in magic,
Hablem, Ven, Don't you worry, slow motion man

Abi Ofarim - Mama, O Mama - Flieg mit mir - 1982
A: Mama,  O Mama
B: Komm, flieg mit mir

Abi Ofarim - Zeit ist Geld - Solange ich noch an mich glaub'
A: Zeit ist Geld
B: Solange ich noch an mich glaub'

Abi Ofarim - Heartaches - Woman
RCA 5948
A: Heartaches
B: Woman

Abi Ofarim - Much too much - 1982
LP Much too much

Abi Ofarim - LP
LP Tomorrow I'll be back home

Abi and Sima
In the morning of my life, 
this time not with Esther but with Sima
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Abi Ofarim & Sharon 

Sharon & Abi - Yesterday Today
Yesterday Today - CD


Abi Ofarim - Too much of something
Too much of Something
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Abi Ofarim - Der Preis der wilden Jahre - book
Abi wrote a book, called "Der Preis der wilden Jahre".
It contains biographical notes about his and 
Esther's life and several rare pictures.

Abi Ofarim

During the years Abi worked as a composer, arranger and regisseur.
He was the founder of PROM, which contains a
musicproduction, Publishing house, Promotion-agency 
and a special school for the new generation of music.

Abi Ofarim in the studio

He now was the manager of his son Gil Ofarim

Abi with his son GilAbi Ofarim with his son Gil

Abi Ofarim and his family
Abi with his sons Gil and Tal and his ex- wife Sandra

Abi happily divorced by his wife Sandra.

Abi Ofarim
Licht & Schatten

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After long illness Abi passed away on May 4, 2018 at age of 80.