Benefit concert for national psychotrauma victims
April 2, 2000 in Tel Aviv

Esther Ofarim

Esther Ofarim in a benefit concert, April 2, 2000, in Tel Aviv.

Esther Ofarim performed live in the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv 
in a charity concert for national psychotrauma victims.
Accompanied by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Yoni Rechter.

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"Hayu Leilot"

First part:

1. Layla layla
2. Ne'ula hi dalti
3. She's leaving home
4. Shir Eres / Do do l'enfant do
5. Ten li yad
6. Mad about the boy
7. Lu bat
8. Shir hare'ut
9. Ve'ulay

Intermission with music of Yoni Rechter

Second part:

1. Pavane
2. Hitragut
3. Shir hanoded
4. Hinach yafa rayati
5. Overture to Candide
6. Somewhere
7. Bird on a wire
8. Re'e
9. D'maot shel malachim
10. Hayu leilot
11. Shirat hanoded

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Pictures and songlist kindly provided by Roel van Nieuwenhoven.