Hoodi Hamoodi - Our Great Childhood Songs
with Esther Ofarim

Esther Ofarim - Hoodi Hamoodi - Our Great Childhood Songs
helicon records, CD Israel 2003
The songs on this CD are of the years 1960 - 1962

Some songs first were published on
this LP
some of these songs also are available on this CD

1. Udi Chamudi (Esther Ofarim) 
2. Kooma Dani (Nechama Hendel) 
3. Eyal (Esther Ofarim) 
4. Yesh Li E (Nechama Hendel) 
5. Pizmon Layakinton (Esther Ofarim) 
6. Ktana O Gdola (Nechama Hendel) 
7. Pil Pilon (Esther Ofarim) 
8. HaPil HaKatan (Gideon Zinger) 
9. HaChatul Al HaGag (Esther Ofarim) 
10. Shney Chatulim (Gideon Zinger) 
11. Shir Boker LeGuri (Nechama Hendel) 
12. Tesha Beytsim LaTarnegolet (Gideon Zinger) 
13. Yesh Li Ken MiGivolim (Nechama Hendel) 
14. Se U'Gdi (Esther Ofarim) 
15. El HaMaayan (Esther Ofarim) 
16. Shtu HaAdarim (Esther Ofarim) 
17. Rogez (Nechama Hendel) 
18. Shmona Sna'im (Gideon Zinger) 
19. Shisha Parparim (Gideon Zinger) 
20. Habuba Elischeva (Esther Ofarim) 
21. Atzu Ratzu Gamadim (Nechama Hendel) 
22. Eser Gulot (Gideon Zinger) 
23. Pa'amonim (Nechama Hendel) 
24. Shaon Ben Chayil (Esther Ofarim) 
25. Shiv'a Yamim BeShavua (Gideon Zinger) 
26. Anan VeAnenet (Nechama Hendel) 
27. BeArugot HaGina (Esther Ofarim) 
28. Rakefet (Esther Ofarim) 
29. Shlosha Anashim BeChavit (Gideon Zinger) 
30. Hamesh Etsbaot (Gideon Zinger) 
31. Avi Avi (Esther Ofarim) 
32. Ruach Ruach (Nechama Hendel) 
33. Arba'a Kochavim (Gideon Zinger) 
34. Shir Eres (Nechama Hendel) 
35. Shir Eres (Esther Ofarim)

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