The daylight is dawning melody
(Esther Ofarim, 1967)

(Yiddish original) (Hebrew version) (French version)

watch my video to this song:

The daylight is dawning, the birds are all singing
The flowers have opened their eyes
And all living creatures are praising the morning
With faces turned up to the sky

The shy fragrant flowers that grow by the river
Are hiding their beauty from sight
A pretty young maiden is searching for blossoms
For blossoms to match her blue eyes
For blossoms to match her blue eyes

A handsome young player with his flock all around him
Sits watching from under a tree
"o please may I help you to find what you're seeking
you'll find none more willing than me"

"Come give me your hand and we'll walk by the river
the fairest of flowers to choose
Come give me your heart and we'll go on forever
Whatever you wish shall be yours"
"Whatever you wish shall be yours"

The flowers are watching and nodding and smiling
They know what has happened before
What young lovers thought they have found in each other
And flowers are forgotten once more