CD with Esther Ofarim
Has been released on April 21, 2006

The Five Songbirds
This is a re-release of this CD

The Five Songbirds, CD CFIM 048 VD, HDCD CD  
A Reference Collection of Female Voices

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1. Kinderspiele - Esther Ofarim

2. A Taste Of Honey - Patricia Barber
3. Danny Boy - Jacintha
4. That Sunday (That Summer) - Ayako Hosokawa
5. Georgia On My Mind - Marie Nakamoto
6. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Jacintha
7. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup / La Vie En Rose - Ayako Hosokawa
8. Una Matica de Ruda - Esther Ofarim
9. The Beat Goes On - Patricia Barber
10. Tears In Heaven - Ayako Hosokawa
11. Autumn Leaves - Jacintha
12. What A Diference A Day Made - Marie Nakamoto

both songs originally available on 1st album