me - Conny Drees

Hello, my name is Conny Drees. born 1978, and one of my hobbies is building websites (example).
But the greatest thing in my life has always been music. I like playing guitar, writing and singing my own songs, so I'm a singer/songwriter for years now.
I prefer listening to music by Esther Ofarim and other Jewish artists, such as Aviva Semadar.  Also I am adicted to Popmusic, like Madonna used to do in the late 80s. I'm open to other kind of music, too. 

I want to thank these people who helped me to complete my collection of Esther Ofarim and the materials for this website:
Christian Woile, Robert van Leeuwen, Franz Rischard, Reto Maag, Eytan Marva, Alan McDonald, Reiner Weber, Theo de Haas, Roel van Nieuwenhoven, Ulrich Menzel, Han Hui, Robert Augst,  Oscar Foeken and all I've forgotten to mention.