August 27, 2016
Red Sea Jazz Festival
Eilat, Israel
with Esther Ofarim

Esther Ofarim & Yoni Rechter - Photo Yoni Rechter: Orit Pearls - Photo Ofarim: Oliver Fntittz '
Photo Yoni Rechter: Orit Pearls - Photo Ofarim: Oliver Fntittz '


From August 27th - 30th there was  the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat, Israel
 with Esther Ofarim, Yoni Rechter, Oak Olearchick, Yair Dalal, Margalit Tzan'ani, Eran Tzur, Balkan Beat Box und Shlomi Shaban.

On August 27th, beginning: 21:45h. Esther Ofarim & Yoni Rechter had their performance in the Port Arena.

Yoni Rechter piano, vocals
Guri Agmon soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Ilan Salem Khalil
Yossi Levy guitar
Juraj Oron Bass
Zhoukou Perpignan Percussion

Special guest
Esther Ofarim singing

More info in Hebrew here - or here in English!

Esther Ofarim - foto (c) Conny D.

Song list:

Ve'ulay, Layla layla, Neula hi dalti,  Bessade patuach, Dmaot shell malachim, Speak low, Alabama song, 
She's leaving home,  God bless the child, Over the rainbow, Ma omrot eynaich, Ten li yad, Me emek ve'give'a, Adio querida.

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