1960 - German Movie
Brennender Sand
(Blazing Sand / Burning Sand)
with Esther and Abi Ofarim

DVD Brennender Sand>
DVD, released by Pidax film media Ltd. (Alive AG), 2017.

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Video of Brennender Sand
VHS video of Blazing Sand, on the cover: Daliah Lawie, Columbia Pictures 1969
Movie by Aero-Film, 1960 (see other video edition)

"A hot-blooded Israeli beauty holds the key to the Middle East, 
as she attempts to rescue the legendary Scrolls of Solomon from a group of terrorists. 
Filmed on location in Israel, this action/adventure film makes the most of the stark desert scenery 
and backgrounds of ancient ruins."


Video of Sus Etz by "The Ofarim" - here Esther's voice is too fast.
You can hear/see the normal version of this song here

Soundtrack of Brennender Sand    Soundtrack of Brennender Sand
Soundtrack-Single of "Brennender Sand" - Daliah Lawie sitting on a horse

A: "Brennender Sand" sung by Günter Kallmann
B: "Das Barlied" sung by the Ofarims
Music: M.Olari-Nozyk
Pit Petersen - Words: Pit Petersen
Orchestra: Siegfried Wegener 
Phonocolor Schallplatten Gmbh - Berlin-Lichterfelde 1
German Label: Okay 1613

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Video of Brennender Sand
VHS-Video of Brennender Sand, USA-label

picture of Brennender Sand
German magazine "illustrierte Film-Bühne"