Eberhard Schoener & Friends
Crossing times and continents

Double CD with Esther Ofarim
Eberhard Schoener and Friends - Crossing Times and Continents - CD with Esther Ofarim
2 CDs - Centaurus (Universal), 
This CD-box been released on April 21, 2006

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This is a Remix-CD of all his songs with several singers
including Esther Ofarim, Andrea Bocelli, Gianna Nannini, Helen Schneider, Sting, 
Andy Summers, Kurt Moll, Willy de Ville, Stewart Copeland and many others.
The songs by Esther Ofarim now sound much clearer and greater as before!

Track list:

Disc 1

1.Only The Wind - feat. Sting, Mariella Santiago
2.Falling In Trance - feat. Mariella Santiago, Wilson Cafe
3.San Francisco Waitress - feat Sting
4.Yvonne - feat. Willy de Ville
5.Look, I Cannot Be Seen - feat. Hazel OīConnor
6.Natural High - feat. Sting
7.Wondering Minstral - feat. Anke Wendlandt
8.Why Donīt You Answer  - feat. Sting
9.Call The Circus - feat. Esther Ofarim

10.Frame Of Mind - feat. Mariella Santiago, Wilson Cafe
11.Video Magic - feat. Sting
12.Magret - feat. Clare Torry
13.Trans Am - feat. Sting, Marielle Santiago, Wilson Cafe
14.Speech Behind Speech - feat. Sting
15.Cold Genius Samba - feat. Kurt Moll, Mariella Santiago
16.Ich Schau Ins Licht - feat. Esther Ofarim
17.Poem - feat. Sting


Disc 2

1.Canon - feat. Jane Bogaert, George Kochbeck
2.Rhinebow - feat. Sting
3.Blind Windows In My Eyes - feat. Kurt Moll
4.Miserella - feat. Nidia Palacios, Charles Maxwell
5.Amore Splendida Luce - feat. Gianna Nannini, Andrea Bocelli, Helen Schneider
6.La Luna - feat. Andrea Bocelli, Helen Schneider
7.I Am A Wind - feat. Gianna Nannini, Nidia Palacios

8.Rosa Di Ninguno - feat. Pedro Gavejda
9.Silent Without Tears - feat. Helen Schneider
10.Aprire La Finestra - feat. Laurence Gien
11.Simona - feat. Wilson Cafe
12.When Will You Leave - feat. Mariella Santiago, John Klacka
13.Crossing Time and Continents
14.Bail Agung II - feat. Gamelanorchester von Saba und Pinda

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