Shmulik Krauss (Kraus) (Krause)
Shmulik Kraus (Krauss) (Krause) - שמוליק קראוס
born 1935 in Israel

Until 1962 he was in the Ofarim-Trio "Shlishiit ha-Ofarim",
then he left it and went to the military.
From then on Esther and Abi were "Zmd ha-Ofarim",
the married couple and they were on their own.

He also wrote the melody of
Hadayag and Zemer Nuge

Shmulik did some recordings on his own later on:

Shmulik Kraus - Seventies Eighties
Shmulik Kraus - Spinning Wheel

Shmulik Kraus - Best of Shmulik Kraus
(Royim Rahok Royim Sakuf)

Shmulik Kraus - Twenty Years Later
Shmulik Kraus & Juzi Katz Levad Beyachad Velevad Levad
(Lonely and Together)

CD by Shmulik Kraus
Shmulik Kraus - Galgal Mistovev

Latest CD by Shmulik Kraus:

CD by Shmulik Kraus
Ahrei esrim shana (Achrei 20 Shana) - 
20 years later (After twenty years)

1. Ahrei 20 shana
2. Yareah male
3. Ha-shir ha-hai
4. Pashut ahava
5. Im
6. Be-emza ha-roman
7. Mone
8. Hoh erez ahavati
9. Shir ha-zamer
10. Royim rahok, royim shakuf