Show of the week  "Esther and Abi Ofarim"
six part BBC tv series

Esther & Abi Ofarim

    In 1968 the Ofarims had their own TV show on the BBC. 
 In each of the six 30-minute  programmes
, Esther and Abi performed some songs and they had a special guest. 

Here are some description extracts:
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Scott Walker



Julian Bream



Glen Campbell



Richard Rodney Bennett, Jeff Clyne, Chris Karan



Nina Simone

Their guest is Donovan, whose musical poem "Lord of the Reedy River" Esther sings so beautifully. She and Abi sing a selectio n of songs in many different languages.

(Among the songs of Esther is "By myself", read about this in an article.)

Esther and Abi's special guest Scott Walker sings "Black Sheep Boy" and "Joanna," the latter being his most recent hit record. Esther is featured in a song from West Side Story, and, with Abi, sings a song by The Bee Gees, called "Garden of My Home." Julian Bream, complete master of the guitar, joins the Ofarim in their third show tonight. He plays a Bach prelude and a traditional Spanish folk song-and just for good measure, finishes with a number on the lute.  Glen Campbell swept the board for Grammy awards for the best singer in America this year with his record "By the Time I Get to Phoenix." He sings this tonight as well as his "I Wanna Live." He also has a duet with Esther.
Among songs by Esther and Abi is "Go Tell It on the Mountain."
Esther and Abi's guest is the versatile young composer and pianist whose opera The Mines of Sulphur received critical acclaim and who wrote the film score for Far From the Madding Crowd. He plays two excerpts from his Jazz Calendar ballet, and accompanies Esther when she sings Wolf's Wiegenlied.

In this the last show of the series Esther and Abi welcome as their guest one of the most exciting soul-singers, Nina Simone, who will be singing a song she recorded as a tribute to the late Martin Luther King, called 'Why?' She will then be joining the Ofarim for a song called 'The morning of my life'. As a very fitting climax to the show and the series, Esther and Abi will sing the song that began it all for them in Britain-'Cinderella Rockafella'.


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Later this year Esther had a solo show.