I'm your woman
(Esther Ofarim, 1973)
(written by Don "Bob" Johnston)

Esther Ofarim in London
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I'm a ship in a storm,
come keep me warm
when I am cold.
You're an oak tree,
I'm your branches,
we'll stand together
as we grow old.

You're my morning
when it rises,
you're the sun
that warms my face.
When you're sleeping
here beside me,
the world's a magic place.

I'm your woman,
I'm your woman
you're my man.
Crossing over,
over here
and take my hand.

In the darkness
you're my candle,
you light my way
to help me through.
We are one, yet we're different,
so protect me
I'll comfort you.

I'm your woman,
you're my man.
Crossing over,
over here
take my hand.

Esther Ofarim - I'm your woman