Autumn Song
(lyrics: Ian Manson, music: Moshe Wilensky)
(Esther Ofarim,

Italian version

Hebrew original

French version

Esther Ofarim - In Geneva - CD of 2012
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Through the long summer days we would walk hand in hand
down the lanes and the paths, where young lovers should be,
every night, every day made us both understand
I loved you.

Then the leaves of october were turning to gold
while the mist and the rain whispered secrets to me
that the chill autumn wind made your loving grow cold,
was it true

Now you've gone far away, I have lost all I had
while there's frost in the air, it is freezing my heart
and the cold has no friends, it is lonely and sad,
sad and blue

But the winter has gone, it could not last for long
and the spring breaking through was so anxious to start
with the promise of love like a lark in full song
proud and true

Now the night and the moon and the beauty of may
all the stars and the sky cannot keep us apart
There I hope once again to be able to say:
I love you
I love you.

Esther Ofarim - In Geneva - CD of 2012
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